Another Book Review!

A lot has happened since I last made a post here.  The biggest news is that our family has grown by one!  Our son was born in December and has turned our world upside down.  We can’t believe he’s already five months old!  (This has also slowed down my already snail-paced paper crafting.)

For now, I’d like to share another book review with you – Katie Schuermann’s The Harvest Raise is the final book in the Anthems of Zion series, and it does not disappoint.  I was able to read an advance copy of the book, and it was oh-so-bittersweet.

The Anthems of Zion by Katie Schuermann

In The Harvest Raise all of our favorite Bradburians are back, and they’re just as much fun as ever.  These friends are now exploring what it means to be a neighbor to others in their families and community, and they are teaching us how to be God-pleasing neighbors along the way.  This is always the best part of the Anthems of Zion series: the characters that we’ve come to know and love dearly teach us truths about our life together in Christ.  Then they provide encouragement and wisdom on how go out and be little Christs in the world.

The Harvest Raise by Katie Schuermann

Another perk of the Anthems of Zion series is that each book includes more anthems full of rich imagery and beautiful music.  You can listen to (and download!) all of the Anthems of Zion here, sung by the author herself!

Katie Schuermann’s writing has been compared to L.M. Montgomery, and I think this comparison is very accurate.  If you enjoy the Anne of Green Gables series, I’m betting you’ll enjoy the Anthems of Zion.  Check them out!  The Harvest Raise is already available for pre-order here, and you can pick up House of Living Stones and The Choir Immortal while you’re there.


Something new – a book review!

I don’t often use my blog to share much beyond cards and other craft projects, but I am more than thrilled to be sharing a book review today.  You’ll have to bear with this scientist who doesn’t often review books for this post!

The Choir Immortal by Katie Schuermann

The Choir Immortal is author Katie Schuermann’s latest book published by Concordia Publishing House, and it does not disappoint!  This book is the sequel to House of Living Stones, released last fall, and it brings us up to speed with our favorite characters living in the small town of  Bradbury, IL.

After reading the first book in a weekend, because I simply couldn’t put it down, I was anxious to read more about my dear friends from Bradbury (at least I sure hope these Lutherans would be my friends!) in this sequel.

Katie Schuermann weaves a story that you just can’t bear to put down.  Being among God’s people in Bradbury is such a comfortable place to be, even though (and especially because) they’re sinners just like us, and sometimes life is hard for them too.  Reading about these dear people (yes, I know they’re fictional!) and how they handle life’s trials serves as a great reminder of how great our God is and how He comes to us in His Word and Sacraments.

The book had me laughing and crying in all the right places.  Katie (we’re on a first-name basis because we’ve chatted on Facebook and shared our love of the Anne of Green Gables series.  That counts, right?!) knows her characters so well, and she allows them to say the right (or not so right) thing at the perfect (or not so perfect) moment.

House of Living Stones by Katie Schuermann

You could read The Choir Immortal without having read House of Living Stones, but I don’t think there’s much reason to.  House of Living Stones introduces you to these dear fictional friends (in such a comfortable way – I laughed, I cried, I laughed so hard I cried!) House of Living Stones will then lead you right into The Choir Immortal.  The characters you’ve come to know and love from House of Living Stones are all back again, and some of the not-so-familiar characters come to the forefront, adding even more depth and fun to the story.

It’s a joy to laugh along with these people, and doing so helps you to laugh at yourself and God’s people you interact with on a regular basis.  The book makes me want to know our Lutheran hymnody that much better and to work at being a better example of God’s love to those I meet.

Check out The Choir Immortal.  I don’t think you’ll regret it!  (You can find it in print or Kindle edition at Amazon, or in print edition from Concordia Publishing House.)

A Quick Card (for two challenges!)

I really liked this sketch from Pals Paper Arts that came up in my blog reading, and I wanted to whip up a card for someone that seemed like they needed one…what a perfect combination!  And THEN Darnell opened ANOTHER NBUS challenge.  She’s such a magical paper crafting fairy!  Two challenges it is for this card!

Vertical Watermark-002

The stamp and die (from Sizzix) are making their first appearance out of the package, along with the card back, which came from a package of patterned and solid card bases I got for a steal at Michaels.  So glad to have broken into them and used one!  Thanks for this opportunity, both Paper Pals Arts and Darnell!

button aqua use this the

Another Snowflake Thank-You

This card (of which I made 10) sat in half-production on my desk for the longest time.  When the perennials started poking through the ground a week after snow had last fallen, I figured I had better get my act in gear to get them finished and out the door!

Horizontal Watermark-003

The dies were all from Sizzix, and the Thank You stamp came from a Hobby Lobby greetings clear stamp set.

I’m happy to say they’ve all been sent out and were well -received.

Snowflake Thank-You


I’m putting in one more last-minute entry to Darnell’s NBUS challenge.  I completed all of these cards in the last few weeks, but didn’t have enough time to get them blogged!

This thank-you note went to the Women’s Guild at my church, who gave me a generous Christmas gift!  I had used the snowflake stamps (from Fiskars) and the outer snowflake die before, but not the inner snowflake die, or the sentiment, or the inner snowflake die.

Horizontal Watermark-005


Inside of the card:

(The snowflake dies were all from Sizzix.)

Horizontal Watermark-006

Thanks again, Darnell, for this great opportunity! It’s so much fun to put things to use that hadn’t been used before!

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Puzzle Greeting Card Set

Our church is hosting a fundraising event for the Cincinnati Children’s Home High School for Students with Autism, and I volunteered to make a few items for the crafty part of the event.  I made this set of 4 greeting cards with my Sizzix puzzle piece dies (that I’ve never before used).  I’m hoping someone will want a collection of handmade greeting cards to send to their friends and family!

Horizontal Watermark-004

I’m entering this card set in Darnell’s NBUS challenge, because I’ve never used the puzzle dies before.  They were a lot of fun; but almost as much work as putting together a real puzzle! They don’t all fit together in all directions!

button aqua use this the

I also am using NBUS (that isn’t visible from the front) with my “Handstamped” stamp on the back.  I printed out labels with my name and blog address to add to the back!

Thanks for another chance to win, Darnell!


Baby Shower Invites

Exciting news!  I’m going to be an aunt for the first time!  My sister is having a baby at the end of April, so it was time to get together invitations for a Baby Shower.  My sister’s nursery theme is little lambs, so I wanted to tie into that with the card.  Her favorite color is also yellow, and they’re waiting to find out if the baby’s a boy or girl, so I’m counting this card as a win on multiple counts!

These cards went through a number of iterations…I kept feeling like they just didn’t look as great as I wanted.  I’m pleased with the outcome and the fun gate fold.

Horizontal Watermark-002

Horizontal Watermark-003

This is the first time I put my cute sheep stamp to use, and obviously, also the first time I’ve used the “Baby Shower” sentiment!

I’m entering this in to Darnell Knauss’s NBUS challenge…So excited to have another NBUS challenge to enter!  (Thanks Darnell!)

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The baby shower stamp is from Sizzix, the sheep is “Lambie Pie” from Stampabilities, the sentiment frame is from Sizzix, and the frame around the sheep is from Stampin’ Up.  I watercolor penciled the sheep…he sure turned out cute!