Throwback Thursday – A Few Wedding Crafts

Getting married is no small feat for someone who enjoys crafts!

When my husband and I were married a little over a year ago, I was determined to make the day ours and try to put a crafty touch on all of the little details I could.  You’ll have to bear with me, as this will not be a paper-craft heavy post, but hang on for the ride – there will be a few!

As I mention in my About Me section, my love of crafts is genetic.  When we started planning the wedding, my mom volunteered to make five bridesmaids’ dresses, as she had done for my sister’s wedding.  This task would have been monumental in and of itself, but you should also know that the wedding was only 7 months away, and the bridesmaids each lived in a different state.  (Mom is in Minnesota, and the bridesmaids were in Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, California, and Texas!)  Through a number of USPS packages and visits with a few bridesmaids she produced 5 gorgeous dresses.  (Thanks also to the Moms of friends and of my fiance who also helped finish the dresses the week of the wedding!)

Having seen the personalized hanger fad on Pinterest and elsewhere, I decided to try my hand at producing my own.  I freehanded the letters – I’m not sure they’re quite etsy quality, but it was nice to have something fancy to hold the beautiful dresses!

Bridesmaid Hanger

My sister had used these glass hurricanes (except they have a bottom – not sure what name that means they should have…) for her wedding; we made a small floral and bead garland that wrapped around from bottom to top.  I wanted to redecorate them differently for my wedding, so I ended up making the bead/wire trim to go around the top. They looked sparkly in the dark room with the candle and mirror even though the wire wrapped on top of itself during transport.  I am so thankful for all of the friends who helped me put these together and who set them out on the tables the day of the wedding!


My sister (and Matron of Honor) put a ton of effort into making the day special.  She appliqued this hoodie for me to wear that morning and also made the gorgeous flower clips for each of the bridesmaids along with 8 million other things.

Bride Sweatshirt

We had seen plenty of Pinterest pins about how to make fabric flower clips out of circles.  My sister upped her game and used a Sizzix die (which is unfortunately discontinued!) to cut out a million (okay, maybe not quite) sheer and solid fabric flowers that she sewed together to make the flower that you see on the sash around her dress.  (I also made the jewelry to match the dresses.)  She made me a flower as well, even though I didn’t wear it that day.  It works great as a hair clip, and wearing it reminds me of my wedding!  Such happy memories!

Dress, Necklace, Flower

My bridesmaids had their own crafty projects they added to the wedding.  When Papertrey Ink came out with this adorable set in December before our January wedding, a plan finally came together for our table favors.  I had wanted to do something science-y and ended up with peanut butter m&m’s in a trendy tube along with a little Erlenmeyer or volumetric flask (yes, that’s what those pieces of glassware are actually called…) tag that had our names and the date on the back.  My Partner-in-Crafting-Crime made all of the tags in Oklahoma, while I scrambled around with lots of other wedding preparations.  When she arrived the week of the wedding, we had a big ribbon tying party and attached all of the tags to the tubes my fiance had pre-filled.

Paper Chemistry

Another of the bridesmaids made crayons for the tables.  In the picture with the “test tube” of m&m’s, you can see our guest book pages.  My fiance wrote a mad lib and we also asked guests to draw some pictures (both on the front and back pages).  When I asked her if she could make some fun variegated crayons by melting together some old crayons, I never dreamed she would show up with STAR WARS crayons!  Our tables were graced by Han Solo in Carbonite, R2-D2, and the Millennium Falcon!

R2D2 Crayon

One of my bridesmaids found a basket and decorated it for cards.  I love the banner she made for the basket.  I so appreciated her help with this project!

Horizontal Watermark-001

If you made it through all of those crafty details from our wedding, thanks for sticking around (and bearing with all of my exclamation points!!)  It was a happy day, filled with some of my most favorite people!

What’s one of your happiest memories (and were craft projects involved!?)

Image credits: Magic Memory Works Photography and my aunt

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